Historic City Point located in Hopewell, Virginia is my home. I returned in December 2013 after being away for more than 20 years. While away, I lived in Midwest and on the west coast.

As a runner of 14 years and fitness instructor of 8 years, I’m bringing my passion for fitness back to my community in several ways. Here’s one.

The Hopewell High School (HHS) Zumbathon was held on Saturday, June 14th from 1 to 2:30 PM. A Zumbathon is a Fitness Party™ that raises funds for a good cause. Our good cause was updates to the Hopewell High School weight room.

As a runner, it is important for me to cross train. Zumba is a way of cross training for runners. As a female who lifts weight, it is important to me that girls see that, yes, weight training is for females, too. Therefore, this Zumbathon married these two messages.

The Zumbathon was sponsored by the HHS’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). We promoted the event by hanging flyers around town, leveraging social media, announcing in the Hopewell News and Progress Index, emailing city employees with help from the Hopewell Community Center, and mailing flyers to churches. As a result, more than 70 people participated and nearly $900.00 was raised. A very special thank you is extended to the John Randolph Foundation for the generous donation of $500.00.

I had the honor of planning this event with faculty members Katina Moss and Tara Henry; current student Justin Feliciano; and alumna Kelsey Flowers. Hopewell High Class of 2014 graduates Troy Cary, Angel Hughes, and Danielle Spratley volunteered during the event.

Thank you to the Hopewell community for helping me achieve my goal – to keep individuals motivated and educated in the areas of physical and financial fitness through online, in person, and community engagement!

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